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All land services companies offer due diligence, Dakota Land Services can provide a more personalized and insightful level of risk quantification and liability for those seeking land services in the Williston Basin and the greater North Dakota region. Since Dakota Land Services is a regional company, specializing in the properties where their experts reside; they know the land – they know the players – and they know the questions to ask and where to find the legitimate answers.

Utilizing a combination of finance, technical, regulatory and business process authorities, DLS can analyze whats been done in the past – and weigh it against the susceptibility of the future. From production histories, to lease records, regulatory and compliance requirements to legal specifications, DLS has the expertise, experience and staff to help clients efficiently and cost-effectively navigate land acquisitions and leases to allow them to plan, forecast and make the informed decisions needed for a timely and trouble-free transition of property rights.

DLS explores, evaluates and estimates all areas of risk before providing recommendations to clients by offering a thorough amalgamation of due diligence services from initial contracting to post-acquisition summation.

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